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Do the Mic 🎙️ Thing Songwriting & Recording

We recently completed a 6 week Do the Mic Thing songwriting and music production workshops with young people at The Dalgarno Trust youth club in North Kensington. I talked with the young people about things that were effecting their lives at present and they talked about school and the ongoing teachers strikes. 

The young began by creating a beat/backing track and began writing their rap lyrics about having no school and what they would do on their time off whilst the teachers were on strike. The song was simply called ‘Strike’. 

STRIKE - Dalgarno Trust Young PeopleVarious
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Music Production Sessions include:
* One to One Songwriting and Recording.
* Musical Collaboration and group work.
* Singing and Rapping.
* Creative and Musical Mentoring.
* Finished Mixed and Produced Tracks at the end of the sessions.
Music Performance Sessions include:
* Open Mic Group Sessions.
* One to One Singing Sessions.
* Overcoming nerves and performance anxiety.

Music Workshops Include:
* Beat Making and Music Programming.
* Performance.

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