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Do The Mic 🎙 Thing in Tanzania 🇹🇿 

I have always wanted to work in Africa The Motherland for as long as I can remember. I wanted to evoke the spiritual music of my ancestors whilst sharing my musical knowledge developed as diasporas fusing our music and cultural rhythm together.


East Africa has always intrigued me so I decided to go to Tanzania and settled in an area called Kigamboni which is south of the city Dar Es Salaam. Kigamboni is a rural quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of town life.


I have been volunteering my musical skills and “Do The Mic 🎙 Thing” with the young people and adults of the Kigamboni Community Centre (KCC). I am also recording 4 tracks with The KCC Live Band which I must say has been a pleasure to sing, write and record their beautiful African music.


Come with me on a Musical Journey with the musical, artistic and talented community of Kigamboni.


Please visit the KCC website for more information:


Facebook: Kigamboni Community Centre

Instagram: @kcc_dar_tz

Data Music 2020 at Coco Beach, Tanzania.

In my first week in Tanzania we went to Coco Beach, Oyster Bay and as we were entering the beach area, I saw these 3 young men and one of them had a guitar. Musicians know musicians and we gave each other the nod of respect. Being the inquisitive man I am, I asked them to play me a song and to my delight they sang a version of a song 'Suzzanna' which is quite popular at the moment. It was so good, I had to join them with backing vocals.

 A Songwriting Session with The KCC Music Ensemble in Kigamboni.

When I first arrived in Dar Es Salaam I stayed in a town called Kigamboni. I volunteered Do The Mic 🎙  Thing's musical services to The Kigamboni Community Centre and began working with young people and one of the local bands there. The band had a number of songs they wanted to record. They had no recording facilities at the centre but there was a local studio in the area called The Captain Studios which I began recording their songs.

A young man released from prison sings and records his first song.

This young man arrived fresh from prison and I was told that he likes music and he sings and has a good voice. I have had lots of experience working with young offenders, so it was easy to relate to him. We used an interpreter throughout our conversation discussing his life, apart from when we began making music. The music is a language that we both understood.

'Mamalo' - Working with The KCC Ensemble of Artist in Kigamboni.

The KCC band is a musical collective of about 12 musicians that all play a part in the writing of their songs. They are guided by a talented guitar player and musical leader called Mr. Koba who is seen recording in the video. Mr. Koba is also the music teacher at the centre and all of the band attend his classes. 

Do The Mic 🎙 Thing in Tanzania Photo Gallery

Music Production Sessions include:
* One to One Songwriting and Recording.
* Musical Collaboration and group work.
* Singing and Rapping.
* Creative and Musical Mentoring.
* Finished Mixed and Produced Tracks at the end of the sessions.
Music Performance Sessions include:
* Open Mic Group Sessions.
* One to One Singing Sessions.
* Overcoming nerves and performance anxiety.

Music Workshops Include:
* Beat Making and Music Programming.
* Performance.

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