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An A&R man once said to me 'Steve, you’re the greatest thing to never happen'! 

I did not know whether to punch him or kiss him. Was this a compliment to my talent and promise that was waiting to explode and should have reached its summit or was he saying that something big for me was going to happen?


I was only ever going to be a musical artist when I was young.

I was singing, dancing and entertaining my family at functions from a very young age and it was during secondary school that I started to believe that this could be a career for me in music. As with many Black Children of the 70’s and 80’s my entry into music came via my parents reggae and calypso music which lead me MC'ing sound systems and experimenting with pirate radio in Kilburn North West London with my friends.


At aged 18 and in the Hedonistic fuelled 1988 club land scene that gave birth to House music, I became friends with music producers and DJ’s making records. It was during that time that I met Danny Rampling at his Shoom club in Southwark Street, SE1. I remember auditioning for him by singing live in the club over a house music record. In 1990 Danny was making his first dance record and he remembered my strong and powerful vocals and we recorded 'I Hate Hate'.


I Hate Hate - The Sound of Shoom.JPG

Also In that same year I featured on “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” with Ollymax & DJ Schapps and was the Lead Singer with the dance act and Keyboard Wizard Mr. Monday adding featured vocals to his melodic hypnotic dance sound and single releases.

I gathered valuable touring experience in 1990, making 100 live performances at clubs, warehouse parties and raves that year. 

OllyMax & DJ Shapps Picture.jpg
Steve Eusebe and Mr. Monday at High on.

Mr. Monday feat Eusebe

OllyMax & DJ Schaaps

feat Lorna Stucki & Eusebe

'I Hate Hate' became a seminal dance hit and it bought me to the attention of Dave A. Stewart and Anxious Music Publishing, which became my songwriting home throughout the 90's.  


Between 1990 and 1992 I put a band together to play my songs enlisting the backing vocals of my younger sister the late Sharon Eusebe and my cousin Alison Etienne. We took to the road and performed my rock/rap music sound around England. 


By 1992 the band became EUSEBE as I was working closer with my sister and cousin and I had just got back from an A&R trip to New York and wrote a Rock/Rap track called “Rap Made Me Do It”. We released it on a white label and it created a stir amongst the records companies. In our live shows we were also singing a song we had recently wrote called “Pick it up, Fuck it up, Drop it” which was a tale in 4 minutes of a recording artist from getting signed to eventually getting released from the label. 

In 1994 E.M.I records admired our nerve and audacity and signed Eusebe to their recording label for what was deemed a very large amount of money for a Rap band of the time. 

Eusebe - Steve, Sharon & Alison.JPG

Eusebe - 1992 to 1996

In 1995 EUSEBE released the Rap Album ‘Tales From Mama’s Yard’. This was released on a Joint record venture with our own label Mama’s Yard/E.M.I. 


EUSEBE released 3 singles ‘If Masser say’s its Good', 'Captain of Love', 'Summertime Healing' and the “Do Something” EP. We toured extensively with The James Taylor Quartet, The Ragga Twins and 2 UK tours with Shaun Ryder and his band Black Grape. 


By 1996 our own song Pick it up, Fuck it up, Drop it came back to haunt us when E.M.I dropped us from the label.


'If You Listen with Your Eyes, You'll Never Hear the Sound of Music Dying'

'If You Listen with Your Eyes, You'll Never Hear the Sound of Music Dying'

'If You Listen with Your Eyes, You'll Never Hear the Sound of Music Dying'
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Do The Mic 🎙 Thing @ Harrow Club Studios

Do The Mic 🎙 Thing @ Harrow Club Studios

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Captain of Love - EUSEBE

Captain of Love - EUSEBE

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'Summertime Healing' - Eusebe E.M.I Records1995

'Summertime Healing' - Eusebe E.M.I Records1995

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By the end of 1996 I gathered together some of the many talented musicians I’d met over the years playing for other bands. On drums and bass was Scott Shields (Gun Shakespeare’s Sister, The Mescalero’s) , Martin Slattery (Black Grape, The Mescalero’s, The Hours) on Keyboards and Jimmy Hogarth on Guitar (Shakespeare’s Sister, Songwriter) and within 3 months BOND was born and the big American record companies were courting us to make sweet music together. By the end of the year we had departed the UK and moved to Los Angelo’s, USA when we signed a recording contract with Sony/Work Group.


BOND (USA) 1996-1998

In 1998 BOND made the record “Bang out of Order” with producer Matthew Wilder who at the time had just finished scoring major success with the band No Doubt and Gwen Stefani.

We also hired the services of the legendary Grammy award winner engineer/mixer and Producer Andy Wallace to polish off what I believe was one of the best Pop/Rock records of the 90's that never saw the light of day to an English audience.

BOND released the single “Nothing Fits – (Fictitious Circle) and embarked on a support tour of America with the band SPACEHOG. We also completed our own tour of the East Coast, West Coast and the Mid West.